Wife has a mouthfull

Emy Banks is one hell of a cocksucking milf that knows how to tongue handle a firm dick



  1. A hot woman who also likes to suck and swallow your cum is a special treasure. Make sure she get all the sex she wants. You do not want to lose her.

  2. Umm.. i kept waiting for the cumshot and nothing but the guy moaning like he’s coming and then…….nothing! wtf?! R u kidding me?!??

  3. 2:21 am, April 2 paulieaulie
    I saw you just left a comment on “wife has a mouthful. That’s a good southern girl Emy Banks, she milked that cock twice. All of that sweet cum right in her mouth. I love that. It makes me so hot to see a girl love cum so much. It makes me want to shoot mine right in my mouth. I’m in SC. Get back if you want to get off with me.

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